The research and teaching unit Informatik VII offers introducing and specializing courses in the bachelor and master programs, and in the expiring diploma programs, of computer science, according to its scientific specialization.

The starting point within the bachelor and muster programs are the courses "Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)" and "Digital Image Processing (DIP)". Both courses of an entry into a specialization. The HCI course covers different areas, while DIP is focusing on visual capturing and processing of information. Subsequently a project on "Visual Computing" is offered. The project can be performed by attendees of HCS as well as DIP. The specialization is rounded out by the possibility of wirting a bachelor thesis.

Winter term Human Computer Interaction Digital Image Processing
Summer term Project "Visual Computing" Bachelor Thesis
Survey of bachelor courses by Informatik VII

The teaching offer in the master program allows for specialization in the field of visual computing with emphasis on computer graphics. The entry point is the base course "Computer Graphics". Two subsequent courses build on it, "Geometric Modeling" and "Data Visualization". The specialization can be finalized by a master thesis. In parallel, a two-semester project is offered if there are enough interested students.

Winter term Computer Graphics
Summer term Geometric Modeling Data Visualization Project
Winter term Project
Summer term Master thesis
Survey of master courses by Informatik VII

The courses of the bachelor and master programs are available for the students of the diploma programs, too.

Winter term Human-Computer Interaction
Summer term Geometric Modeling Data Visualization Project
Winter term Computer Graphics Digital Image Processing Project
Summer term Diploma Thesis
Survey of diploma courses by Informatik VII