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Computer Science VII

OH16The research and teaching unit Informatik VII is concerned with methods and applications related to virtual computer-aided modeling of physical environments and objects of the real world including their perception and manipulation by computers. The emphasis lies on geometric and visual aspects.

The methods are based on mathematical modeling and optimization and the design of algorithms and software. During this process discrete and also continious approaches are used.

The emphases of application are on modeling and simulation in mechanical production engineering, on image-based disagnosis and therapy in medicine, and on graphics based and computer-vision based human-technique interaction. This range is equally subject of research and teaching by Informatik VII.


The research interests of the research and teaching unit Informatik VII are influenced by challenging research problems of different disciplines. The goal is the expansion of the field of application of computer science by contributing to the solution of such problems. For that purpose approaches from the range of methods available in the research and teaching unit Informatik VII are applied, and, where possible, new methods are developed within this framework.

The research is organized on one hand into research projects with a focused topic, which usually are externally funded, by e.g. the German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft "DFG"). On the other hand, there are long-term topics to which, oriented at the research interests and the state of the art of a field, novel contributions are made. Those topics are funded by university resources assgined to the research and teaching unit Informatik VII.

The research results are documented in publications, PhD theses, diploma theses, and master theses.


The research and teaching unit Informatik VII offers introducing and specializing courses in the bachelor and master programs, and in the expiring diploma programs, of computer science, according to its scientific specialization.